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Tommy Larkin


A modern blues expressing work overload with corporate America, Email, Facebook, and Twitter performed in a funky style reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan. What Take This Job and Shove It represented to the hourly laborer, this song represents for those moddern working men and women stuck in cubicles with a screen and a keyboard all day.

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Typing and Cussing

Copyright © 2010 Tommy Larkin Music LLC

verse 1
Typing and Cussing
Stuck in the cube
Trying to make a living
Dying by the keystroke

Tired of that dude
With the personal calls
the supposed ‘Can Do’
and no follow through

The boss is gone
The company so wrong
Stinking busses
It’s got me, Typing and Cussing
That’s what I do

Gotta get a drink
Too many things to think
Voicemail impale
I’m tired of fussing

Save it in a file
Lose it on a hard drive
It’s a sign you must be
Losing your mind
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Typing and Cussing

Verse 2
Sore in the seat
Stiff in the legs
Pain in the neck
Stabbed in the back

Going off of the track
This train’s gonna wreck
Hunched over a desk
Can’t get no rest

Pressure is building
It’s not tea in this pot
If someone doesn’t back off
It’s going to get hot

So anyway, you take your shot
Typing and Cussing

repeat chorus

Verse 3

When you’re in school
you still couldn’t write
Speak up get a whipping
But at least you could fight

Then you got older
started working online
book reports and algebra
really screwed up your mind

Your toys got stored
replaced by a keyboard
And there you are
Typing and cussing

repeat chorus
Verse 4

Thirty more minutes
Then you’ll be free
To wander in traffic
That won’t let you be

Home again
More e-mail
Twitter and Facebook
Sometimes it’s a jail

The more I relax
the more I’m a jerk
At home and at work
Sometimes it just hurts

If you haven’t guessed yet
It’s the same old lesson
messing with keyboards
Typing and Cussing

repeat chorus and fade out

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